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When’s the List is complete?

I’m just really excited that we get a glimpse of nearly all the new characters for Skylanders: Trap Team!


But surely, this can’t be the official poster, is it? (no really is it?)

So far, the three “?" in the elements are from the Frito-Lay contest.

And also, shouldn’t there be two returning characters for each element. So far only 5 returning characters. And Gill Grunt is at series 4 (I would think it would end at series 3). But lets see until the next update.

The Idiots from Brown & Wilson’s side

Well, first off. There are supporters on Officer Darren Wilson side. It’s ok to have this type of support and have their own beliefs, but what bugs me is that there’s a cash donation for him.image

WHY THE HELL IS THERE A CASH DONATION!? He’s on paid leave. Why does he needs this!

Then on Brown’s side, the destruction and looting. I’m sorry that the peaceful protesters have to suffer the dire assault from officers because of these people. And what wrong with the looter’s issue, that people from out of state are taking part of this, what the hell?

The only suggestion is do the protest during the day and follow curfew. Think that the only way to comprehend the difference between the good from the badimage

I mean, come on, you have to break in a McDonalds for milk for tear gas victims. How low can you be. This situation is as bad as Trayvon Martin.

Well, so far. The autopsy from Michael Brown could raise credit for this to be police brutality. But still could backfired, since the shooting was face to face. It would be understandable if Michael got shot from behind, meant he tried to runaway. 

The story is still why would Michael throw his life away just for petty theft, when he was about to go to college. Why waste it.

This would be probably the last to talk about since there’s a percentage of people who don’t know from good or bad or common scene. 

I just stick around to reading more details of this case, until they reach a judgement.

Thoughts on the Playsets rumor…

So there’s the rumor of the 3 upcoming playsets. Is it true?

All the Marvel characters are already assigned. So that only leaves the Disney characters. But what characters? Aladdin and Jasmine + Baymax and Hiro are possibilities. But problem is, remember that the Disney Infinity 2.0 Playsets now have some perma-death setting (like Skylanders) that makes you switch out characters if they break (die). And the current playsets have 6-7 characters to switch out, so issue is that a playset series probably new a big cast. Big Hero 6 is likely but that’s about it.

So the “more new playset” rumor could possibly be false. Until there’s more news to backup this.

Rumors of more to come

So chances are that there are still more stuff coming to Disney Infinity 2.0.

News that either came from online or the Toybox Summit (haven’t seen it). Like that there’s another Disney Original that suppose to be female. And word of three more playsets. But those are rumors.

So far, some people said that there should be more Disney Originals. Since the amount of characters in 2.0, 70% are Marvel.

19 Marvel + 9 Disney Characters (at the moment)

So lets see what happens during the countdown of the release.

So we finally got to see the Baymax & Hiro figures.

But, notice something? They both say “Disney Originals”.

Cause there was that debate about is it Marvel or Disney? I say both, cause it was originated by Marvel but re-imaged by Disney. But this confirms it, I guess?  

(I still think it sucks that Hiro in his suit and there’s no costume disc for him to change casual)image

More black characters in Disney Infinity
Well, some favorites of mine that I wish could come to Disney Infinity. I mean we have Nick Fury.image

First off, Falcon, I mean, he in the Avengers Assemble series on Disney XD and should be part of the team as well, and don’t forget the Capt. America: The Winter Solider. But sadly, we just get his wings.image

(And for the Winter Solider, he’s a disc as well)


Next, Luke Cage aka Power Man. Since he’s from the Ultimate Spider-Man series and we have the Spider-Man set. Why not him! Well, he does appears in the game. image

But he’ll probably be just an NPC. Come on, I want him for my collection really bad!


And last, Wasabi No Ginger. From the Big Hero 6 film. Baymax and Hiro haven’t been announce yet. And I’ve seen some people wish for the entire cast to join as well. But Wasabi is my number one to join the game.

There’s also Black Panther, I also wish to bring in. Cause they’re planning to make the film in the future (well, maybe). That would be neat as well.

What to believe in?

After the release of the officers name (Darren Wilson) and the info that Brown was a thief and the security footage. I just see this as a Trayvon Martin scenario, but not because it was black teen being shot, because it’s a conflict between two incompetent people.

Michael Brown has now lost creditability on this case after showing this theft and threatening the person (possibly an employee) from stealing at the store. And to make things worse, Dorian Johnson was at the scene. So he also loses credit into believing on what he says. 

I’m losing support on Michael Brown but I’m still not siding with the officer cause he did a senseless killing on an unarmed teen that was overkill. If Michael Brown did steal, it should of been more than being detained or a slap on the wrist. Officer Wilson should be decommissioned.

I’m on neither side.

But the point is, that this case is not going to label Michael Brown as the “gentle giant” people called him before. And that’s going to lead to what the officer said into believing.

The only thing to make an understanding of this case is what REALLY happen between Wilson and Brown at that scene. That is where a dash-cam should have been useful. This scene is the most crucial evidence.

[they’re probably going to use this, I bet]   A scenario I think they probably would make that the cop spook Brown. If people are going to believe what Wilson said, they would place Brown thought the cops were looking for him (remember Wilson said he didn’t knew Brown was a possible suspect) and when Wilson spotted them and told them to get on the sidewalk. That put Brown on the offense about the theft.

But that’s just an idea. But ideas that the police are going to make.

I mean, after the security footage, what kind of scenario can you make to defend Michael that doesn’t involve the word racist?

As far as I see, Michael is beginning to lose this case. So those who are in defending Brown in this battle needs to take out there trump card to get ahead.

Bloody hell, how long till October!

(I want Kaboom!)

Police Brutality? - Michael Brown case


I’ve been trying to catch up with the shooting of Michael Brown.

Listen to both sides, I really don’t know who to believe. Dorian Johnson statement may have sound a bit exaggerated. Then the “unnamed officer" has his word. And they could believe that because he’s the law. Even if he is lying thru his teeth.

One thing that bugged me is that there was no dash-cam in these patrol cars. No clear evidence.

But what’s clear is that this was a wrongful death. Even if Johnson statement was true, that was overkill. Taking 8-10 bullets. That was brutality.

This is something to put in this list of 2014 Police Brutalities.

Marlene Pinnock getting beaten by a California Highway Patrol officer

Eric Garner get killed by a chokehold by a NYPD Officer

John Crawford shot dead by police while holding a Toy Rifle in Wal-mart

And what’s wrong about this case is the “unnamed officer" stays anonymous and also gets put on paid leave. That’s bullshit. And the Ferguson police should also get most of the blame as well, especially with the no dash-cams.

But this is going to be a challenging case that would either falls into corruption, lack of evidence or worse… self-defense.

It’s a long road ahead… lets hope for this wrongful death to be justified.

Looting Amid Protest Over Black Teen Fatally Shot by Police

Protest = Sterotypes?

That’s the issue about these protest. They’re people out there that are fighting for the cause while those take advantage by just looting and stealing. Something like this has no dignity and just brings the stereotypes of african americans.

And don’t say I’m biased cause one bad apple spoils the bunch, or another way. A disease that infect everyone.

Like today’s mexican immigration issue that effects those mexican-americans.

Or Islamic, Muslims, etc. here in american being mistreated like terrorist. Even when they were born/lived in america.